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At Emergency Prep it is our mission to be a single source solution for your emergency
response needs.  We prepare individuals to respond confidently and competently to
emergencies by providing quality CPR, First Aid and Safety instruction and offering
emergency equipment for purchase.  Our professional instruction in CPR, First Aid and
Occupational Health and Safety topics is conducted in a low-stress atmosphere by highly
qualified instructors who have years of experience responding to emergency situations.  Our
CPR training programs provide a 2-year certification and all our courses are designed to meet
the regulatory requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA),
the Virginia Department of Social Services - Division of Licensing Programs, the Virginia
Department of Health, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare
Organizations (JCAHO) and the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.

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With Emergency Prep 
You Receive:

Two-Year CPR Certification: 
At Emergency Prep, all of our CPR courses provide the participant with a 2-year
certification period.

Low-Stress Learning Environment: 
Emergency Prep instructors work hard to provide classes that are non-intimidating,
low-stress and fun; while at the same time providing lots of hands-on practice to
build self-confidence.

Experienced and Professional Instructors: 
All of our instructors have over a decade of experience providing emergency medical care.  Benefit from the knowledge of instructors who have lived what they are teaching.

Fully Insured and Licensed Business: 
Emergency Prep is a professional corporation that carries a variety of insurances to
protect your business and customers, and is licensed to legally operate a business and provide services.

Competitive and Affordable Rates: 
Emergency Prep course fees are better or equal to other institutions that offer certification training and we accept a variety of payment options including credit cards.
Training Location Options: 
Emergency Prep brings everything needed to conduct the training to your location, or if you only have a few people to train, we offer regularly-scheduled training classes at a convenient training center in Harrisonburg.

Cards Issued the Day of Class: 
Emergency Prep instructors can print and issue certification cards at the conclusion of most of our CPR and First Aid classes.
Custom-Tailored Courses: 
Emergency Prep is able to design and include information in classes that is pertinent to your individual situations and needs.

Certification Tracking & Notification: 
Emergency Prep will track your certification dates and notify you as your expiration date(s) nears, preventing a lapse in your certification.

Availability of Regularly Scheduled Classes:

 If you don't have a group of people to train, no problem, we regularly schedule classes at a convenient meeting center in Harrisonburg that are open and available for anyone to attend. 

Training Consistency:
CPR, First Aid & Safety training is all we do, so the instructors teaching your class will be full-time professional educators dedicated to your learning needs.  
Training Programs Follow National Guidelines:
All our training programs follow the nationally-recognized CPR/AED and First Aid guidelines as determined by the International Liaison Committee On Resuscitation (ILCOR), and published by the American Heart Association in their periodical: Circulation.

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