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Skills - 1:00PM

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Start Date: Friday, May 17, 2019
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Duration: 1 hour(s) and 0 minute(s)
Description: Blended Learning (Online) Skills Check-Off -- This session is to complete the certification process for an individual who purchased and completed a blended learning (online) course from the website of the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ESCI) or the American Heart Association (AHA). Once completing the online learning portion (Part 1) for a CPR and/or First Aid class, this session provides the required hands-on skill practice (Part 2) and the hands-on skill testing (part 3) that is needed to successfully complete the class and receive a course certification card. The participant must bring to the class a copy of the completion certificate that was printed-out following the completion of the online portion (Part 1) of the course. Once the hands-on skill testing is completed the student will have earned a 2-year CPR certification from either the ESCI or AHA. The fee for the session is $40.00, a full-color textbook can be purchased for an additional $18.00. The skill session may last up to 1.0 hour, the actual time needed to complete the practice session and skills check-off will vary, some may be longer and some may be shorter than 1.0 hour.
Importance: High

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Abbreviations Key:

CPR Classes
First Aid and Safety Classes
BLS HCP =  BLS for Healthcare Providers (AHA)
BLS HCP-Renewal =  Refresher for BLS for Healthcare Providers
STD CPR =  Standard CPR (ECSI) - adult, child, infant w/AED
HSV CPR/AED = Heartsaver CPR (AHA) - adult, child, infant w/AED

Adult =  Adult CPR (ECSI) - adult only
Skills =  Skills check-off for online courses
BLD Path = Bloodborne Pathogens
ACLS = Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
STD FA = Standard First Aid (ECSI)
HSV FA = Heartsaver First Aid (AHA)
Skills = Skills check-off for online courses
BLAST = Babysitter Lessons & Safety Training

Wilderness FA = Wilderness First Aid (16 hours.)
Local Protocol = Central Shenandoah EMS Council's Local Protocol Class Skills Check-off session
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